VIP Squad enrollment

FINALLY! We have answered your prayers... no more frustrations with trying to grow your brand on social media. That's right, becoming VIP in Chicks with Cheques is the perfect membership for entrepreneurs, authors & bloggers who want to be promoted, featured & booked in a network to create profitable opportunities for your business

Hey Chicks with Cheques!

Meisha Amia here, owner & CEO of Chicks with Cheques coming to you because we need to chat. 

It's been months now that I have been listening to you fuss about increasing your traffic, building a stronger brand, and selling more of your products and services online. I'm excited to announce that the Chicks with Cheques VIP Squad is officially open for enrollment. The only membership program where you start with a box, but end with a profitable brand. 

We are helping you build your brand as an entrepreneur, author, or blogger by creating the events, books, internet talk shows and more just for you to be seen! Yup, we are allowing you to be the Guest Speaker in our conferences, brunches, online summits and more. Plus we know you are looking for more collaboration opportunities so we have created a collaboration opportunity for you to work alongside Chicks with Cheques for digital projects, and hosting events in your city! 

...But wait, there's more... we know how important online marketing is to you, so if you are a VIP member you get access to market and promote your business, blog or books within our social media community, website and emails. That's over 20,000 women combined! Once a month you are able to sign up for our IG stories takeover and our FB group live to share tips from your expertise to our platform. Last but not least, as a VIP member you have access to post your blogs on our website for more brand awareness and growth.

The opportunity is here and the platform continues to grow more and more!

I want you to get in our network and increase your networth!

What I have done is put together this membership to give you:

  • Monthly meetups with me (Meisha) for 30 mins. branding sessions in group setting
  •  Monthly virtual summits featuring you as the expert/ panelist
  • Monthly video trainings that will help you win in this program
  • Featured business spotlight on our website for the week
  • Access to "go live" in our group or our instagram 
  • Access to promote any of your services in our platform
  • Access to the VIP SQUAD library with worksheets, cheat sheets & tools to improve your brand
  • Access to teach and reach thousands of women who need what you got
  • No rules to follow in our virtual group... open access to posting and promoting!
  •  A featured interview in the Chicks with Cheques blog
  • A membership spotlight annoucement throughout all CWC social media accounts
  • An accountability team who wants to keep you on task for success

A Few Quick Questions

Are you spending hours daily trying to grow your brand, but find yourself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about what you should be doing?

Let me guess, is this you:

  •  You LOVE being an entrepreneur but you are not reaching enough people?
  • You see other people doing so well in their online business, but you can’t seem to figure out how they do it?
  • You’re always low balling yourself, just to please customers and keep them around?
  • You have NO IDEA what to post on social media to get more traffic, more views, and clicks (yeah, the link in your bio) that turn into money? 
  • You have a successful business offline, but you can’t seem to get it right online?
  • You have been trying to get selected for speaking opportunities but not much luck?
  • You have been doing business solo and you're having a hard time establishing partnerships? You want to collaborate more?
  • You have been trying to promote more but could really use the help from Chicks with Cheques community?

*If You Said YES to any of these questions, you’re not alone and you came to the right place!

Get started now!

Imagine a Life where you can…

Be featured, promoted, and acknowledged as the expert of your industry in an active network of women who need your services and your products!

  • have access to over 25,000 women to advertise your business to
  • Be featured as guest speaker, host, panelists, or co-author in partnership with Chicks with Cheques
  • Make more money because more people are discovering you through our platform!
  • PLUS learn branding and marketing skills for online entrepreneurs!

Don’t make this process complicated. You end up wasting half your night trying to grow your social media account. At the end of the day, you haven’t made any money and you’re still confused.

It’s time for you to stop playing small and get affiliated with the women's network you've been rocking with! You have been watching us grow a tribe that's highly engaged...

I know first hand what it feels like to spend thousands of dollars on stuff to grow my brand, and I’m about to save you some money and the headache. More importantly I’m accessible and my tribe is loyal to growing and connecting with other women in Chicks with Cheques. How many times do you buy a product and feel unmotivated or confused but the person you got it from is nowhere near. I’ve discovered simple ways to generate profit online, create influence, and grow my brand without feeling like a “Instagram model” or burning myself out. Now that I have grown my network to be a global brand, I want you to capitalize off of it too...

Your network determines your net worth... Let us increase your visibility, engagement and influence with our VIP Squad membership program!


How will Chicks with Cheques VIP Squad help me reach my goals?

Monthly strategy Masterclasses with Meisha

Meisha will host a branding & marketing class live every month will keep you grounded and on the right track to success online

Online Marketing Access

That's right you can pitch to our network of women via IG stories, FB Live Sessions, timeline posting (in the group) and email marketing

Full Access to our own Library

Because we know you need it!

Trusted Private Community Support

We might feel like a movement by ourselves but we are a force when we move together. This space for the VIP squad will be the playground for getting sh*t done. A place where we can come and feel safe in vulnerable times of entrepreneurship, while building accountability partners and going up the ladder together. Our main group is already full of support but imagine an intimate space where we are actually working, building, and learning together in an ongoing habit.

Membership Announcement

We want to help you build your brand upfront with a special customized announcement that will announce your brand is a part of the Chicks with Cheques VIP squad

Featured Interview

Because you joined the VIP squad to build a profitable brand, we are dedicated to helping you standout online. You will get a full interview published to the Chicks with Cheques website. We will also announce this interview in all social media accounts to over 16,000 women.

Get Started Now With Top Floor Access

Get started now!

1 year membership for entrepreneurs, bloggers and author who want to be promoted, seen, featured and booked within Chicks with Cheques platform.

Your Instructor

Meisha Amia
Meisha Amia

Meisha Amia Award winning for her service in the community, she is a travel nurse, a mentor, a coach, and an entrepreneur. Her journey of blogging on Instagram and Tumblr in 2012 led her to becoming the author of the only self-help book for travel nurses called, The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figures. While inspiring nurses to step outside of their comfort zones to find happiness and generate wealth, in 2016 Meisha Amia created the community, Chicks with Cheques for nurses to connect, grow and build together. What started off to be a hashtag and Instagram page is now a full curriculum based membership that teaches hundreds of digital strategies needed to run a business online and grow a profitable brand. The community is truly for those who are ready to step outside of the traditional nursing box and includes various entrepreneur industries. It has grown to more than 30,000 female entrepreneurs and nurses. In addition to this community, in 2017 she created The Nurse Power Network for the traditional nurse role. It is an online community and event curator for nurses seeking to gain control of their narrative as a nurse and operate in Nurse Power.

Course Curriculum

  Month 12
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. It's a membership program that drops new courses each month PLUS as a member you get our VIP treatment for features, promotions, and speaking opportunities.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have to download the trainings to have lifetime access - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! But due to the nature of this digital content, all sales are final. However, you can cancel the membership at any time, if you discover you already have a Beyonce' brand!